SSR-M8 Multi-GNSS Precision Timing Receiver
SSR-M8 Series Multi-GNSS Precision Timing Receivers are based on the state-of-the-art u-Blox 72-channel, SBAS enabled,
LEA-M8 series miniature GNSS timing module.  
  • Designed specifically for precision timing applications
  • u-Blox Binary and NMEA messages (57600 baud)
  • Motorola binary message emulation (9600 baud)
  • Super-Fast TTFF and State-of-the-Art Sensitivity
  • Remotely programmable GNSS module & emulation processor
  • Anti-Jamming Performance in EMI Environments
  • Jamming Signal Indicator
  • User selectable single or multiple GNSS timing sources
  • Tested and approved to demanding telecom standards
  • User Configurable PPS Output Rate
SSR-M8 Data sheet