GSM Cables (U.FL)
General Description:       Adapter Cable Characteristics:  
                         Parameter                  Value
These adapter cables are intended to bridge     Operating    SMA - 0-6 GHz  
the gap between the fragile Hirose U.FL     Frequency Range: FME - 0-3 GHz  
connector used on many GPS receivers,       VSWR:   1.2 dB @ 0.9 GHz  
GSM modems, etc. and the outside world,     Nominal Impedance: 50 Ω  
resulting in much more reliable products.     Operating Voltage: 250V RMS max.  
       Withstand Volltage:  300VAC max.  
Both adapter cables are constructed of      Insulation Resistance: 500 MΩ min.  
0.8mm diameter, single shielded coaxial     Operating   -40º C to +90ºC   
cable and are 130mm long. Typically the FME    Temperature Range:    
cable is used with GSM/CDMA antennas,     Humidity:   90% max,  
while the SMA cable is used for GPS antennas.        non-condensing  
        Connector Body Materials:  
Features Include:               Connector          Material  
        SMA   Gold plated brass  
   ·  High flexibility       FME   Nickel plated brass  
   ·  Excellent RF characteristics   U.FL   Silver plated bronze    
   ·  Wide operating temperature range            
Mounting Requirements:     Ordering Information:    
Connector Value     Part Number Bulkhead Connector Type  
SMA 0.25" (6.4mm) D-hole          
FME 0.39" (10mm) hole     10001710 SMA Bulkhead Jack  
        10001711 FME Bulkhead Male
 *Other connectors and cable lengths availiable upon request          

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