About Synergy Systems

Synergy Systems, LLC, is a Location/Wireless OEM products distributor and value added manufacturer servicing the location, timing, rail, defense, and wireless machine to machine (M2M) integrators.

Our technical sales and application engineering teams are knowledgeable on Cinterion (formerly Siemens) GSM modules, iLotus GPS products and the parts necessary for a complete system integration (i.e. cables, connectors, antennas etc.).

The company's offices, engineering laboratory, product assembly and stocking facilities are located at 9950 Scripps Lake Drive, Suite 106, San Diego, CA 92131.  

SSA-5 GPS Antenna

SSA-5The ruggedized, dual-filtered SSA-5 GPS antenna is designed for "through-hole" mounting on heavy equipment, locomotives, rail cars and military vehicles.  Its 7/8 inch diameter threaded mounting stem allows the SSA-5 to be designed into new applications and also to replace older VIC-5 "Fleet Management Antennas" in the field.  Mounting brackets and pipe adaptors quoted on request.

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Vic 100The VIC-100 GPS antenna is the telecom industry standard. It's triple-filter LNA provides excellent signal reception in high RF interference environments.

One version of the VIC-100 offers protection against lightning induced damage with circuitry that performs per IEC61000-4-5 standard.

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EHS6 Terminal USB

Cinterion EHS6 Terminal - 3G Highspeed M2M Gateway powered by Java


  • Five Band 3G HSPA 
  • Quad Band GPRS/Edge Class 12
  • Java embedded
  • USB 2.0 High Speed compatible
  • Advanced Temperature Management
  • Embedded TCP/IP Stack
  • Flexible Mounting


The SMART 3G terminal comes with full type approval (FTA) and is certified by the largest carriers worldwide.

EHS6 Terminal data sheet  



PH8True Global Coverage with 3G

The new Cinterion PH8 HSPA+ cellular machine-to-machine (M2M)module offers a smart solution for wireless connectivity today and in the future. With the latest HSPA+ technology, PH8 is optimized for high bandwidth and allows for speeds up to 14.4 Mbps for downlink and 5.7 Mbps for uplink. PH8 is available in two versions, the PH8 and PH8-P. Operating on quad-band GSM/GPRS, EDGE
and five-band UMTS/HSPA+ (PH8: 800/850, AWS, 1900, 2100 MHz and PH8-P: 800/850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz), PH8 provides true worldwide coverage and reliability even while roaming across different wireless network technologies.
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SynPaQ/E GPS Sensors

SynPaQ/EThe SynPaQ/E offers the same features as the SynPaQ/III in an enclosure designed to operate in harsh environments.

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SynPaQ-E FLat Rate Repair 



SRA - OEM Smart Antenna

SRA Smart Antenna

The “Super Rugged Antenna” (SRA) has been tested to EN standards and operates in high shock and vibration environments like Railroad locomotives, off-road machinery and military applications.  Specifically designed for both new and replacement applications requiring Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) navigation accuracy and timing synchronization in a small, integrated easy to install assembly.  The SRA incorporates u-Blox LEA-6 GPS or M8 Series GNSS modules providing navigation data and a programmable PPS for radio synchronization.  All “Railroad Rugged.” 

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RS-232 Cabling data sheet

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The M32M is a high performance GPS timing receiver module designed to be intelligent and compact.  Armed with two fast acquisition channels complimenting the
 32 tracking channels, each channel independently tracks both code and carrier for the superior performance required in today's GPS user environment.  Specifically designed for embedded applications, the M32M, has highly optimized firmware making it one of the most capable timing receivers on the market.  Standard features include precise, one-pulse-per second (1PPS) outputs, and T-RAIM integrity monitoring algorithm.