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M12M starter kit eval board

A true M12+ Oncore Replacement - Designed by Motorola, and manufactured by iLotus, the M12M remains the only true replacement to the original M12+ receiver using Motorola’s precision timing firmware.  The 3 VDC M12M has the same form, fit and function as the M12+ including mechanical dimensions, connector locations and communication commands.  The M12M uses the STM STA5630 RFIC and a TCXO instead of a crystal oscillator providing a higher degree of reference oscillator stability. The M12M has an Input Gain Range of 10-50 dB, where the M12+ had a range of 18-36 dB.  The M12M Precision Timing Receiver has improved Time to First Fix and power consumption has been reduced to approximately 150 mW.  

This dual port, M12M development board (no enclosure) is suitable for laboratory testing of the M12M and M12M Timing GPS receivers.  On-board LEDs indicate Power On,  TXD, RXD, 1PPS, and DGPS In. 

The M12M Timing Starter Kit consists of an M12M development board; M12M Timing GPS receiver; Power Supply Kit, 9VDC Out, 100-264VAC Input; Active GPS Antenna; and Standard 9 pin serial cable.  USB option available in place of Standard 9 pin serial.  Contact a Synergy Systems, LLC representative for details. 

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