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Combo Antennas
Synergy Systems offers a variety of combo antennas integrating both GPS and wireless antennas into one package.
Combo GPS GSM Antenna
Quad-band Combo GPS GSM Antenna
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  • GPS Active

    All active GPS antennas include a built-in Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) which provides sufficient gain to overcome coax cable losses while providing the proper signal level to the GPS receiver.

    See Synergy Systems, LLC Tech-Note TN-488 for Antenna to GPS receiver connection recommendations. This Tech-Note explains several ways to connect GPS antennas to the GPS receivers. Coax extension cables and coax cables for permanent mount antennas are also discussed.

  • GPS Passive

    Passive GPS antennas (also called substrates) do not include a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and are best suited to GPS applications requiring a short distance, 1 inch to 3 feet, between the GPS receiver and antenna.

    Passive antennas require an LNA on the GPS receiver or mounting a separate LNA close to the RF input connector of a receiver that does not include an on-board LNA. The off-board LNA should be specified to provide additional gain to the substrate's basic gain figure (about 3 dBic or 4 dBic) so that the GPS signal presented to the GPS receiver is in the optimum gain range.

  • Wireless Antennas

    Synergy Systems offers antennas for GSM, CDMA, and VFH frequencies. We also offer combination cellular and GPS antennas.

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